2024 Show & Tell

Items shown by club members at 2024 club meetings.


Although no photos were taken at the meeting, Mat supplied some photos of the short snorter described below. Larger photos available on request.

Mat gave a short description about a short snorter that came into Mtn. High Coin & Jewelry. A customer that came into the store had inherited the roll of foreign bills from his father-in-law and had no idea what they were or their significance. He was interested to learn that the foreign bills taped end to end, which featured dates, signatures, and references of military units, is called a short snorter. This short snorter was made up of 24-30 bills from France, Germany and Portugal with messages dated from 1945-1947. Very interesting!


2020-W American Samoa quarter (National Parks series), with “V75” privy mark
commemorating the victory by Allied forces in World War II.
Two of these were donated for auction, and both sold for $20 or more.

1872 nickel 3-cent piece, 1917 Buffalo (Indian Head) nickel and 1927 Liberty Standing quarter. These were raffle prizes.


1909-VBD uncirculated Lincoln Cent and 1938-D Buffalo Nickel.

1969-S proof Lincoln Cent and Kennedy Half Dollar.

2023-S Advance Release Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar – both ANACS PR70 DCAM!