Links recommended by former club president Ted Campbell:

American Numismatic Association
Bullion Shark
Great Collections (auction and direct sales)
Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association
Professional Coin Grading Service
VAMWorld (Morgan Dollar varieties)

What are your coins worth? The answer to this common question is not always easy, and a full appraisal can be time-consuming and perhaps costly if you need to hire a professional. However, there are a number of websites and references that can give you a good idea of the value of many U.S. coins, especially if the coins are correctly identified and graded. Rather than list the websites here, please click on the PNNA’s page of links below, then see the section headed “Publications / News / Coin Values.” Checking some of the “Auction and Buy/Sell Sites” for coins similar to yours can also be an excellent idea. And don’t forget to also consider your local coin dealer(s) and club(s).

What’s your silver and gold worth? To find out, try the “Online Precious Metal Weight Conversion and Melt Value Calculators” at

See the PNNA’s page of links to other numismatic sites.

Many of the sites listed by the PNNA have very interesting and useful information, and you may want to try some of them. Please keep in mind that neither the PNNA nor the BCCOCO endorse or control the content of any of these sites.