2020 Show & Tell

Items shown by club members at 2020 club meetings (or, in this case, photos supplied by club members as “virtual show & tell” items).

April (virtual show & tell)

Project Apollo 50th anniversary commemorative medals:
Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 with common reverse.
“Back to the Moon … On to Mars”
Made with flown materials from Apollo command module and Mars Curiosity engineering metals.

2019 Mexican Onza (one ounce) reverse proof silver Libertad bullion coin graded by NGC. Only 1,000 of these pieces were minted. 500 went into APMEX sets with the remaining 500 distributed in Mexico for local consumption. This could be considered the “key coin” of 2019 in the silver Libertad series of Mexico.

1934 Standard Oil Exhibit at Chicago World’s Fair elongated on a 1909 Indian Head Cent.

May (virtual show & tell)

Top: 1795 Clark & Harris (London) halfpenny. Although this is a British “Conder token,” the depiction of George Washington on the obverse also makes it part of the U.S. Pre-Federal issues listed in the “Red Book,” where it is known by the name “Grate Token” due to the fireplace on the reverse.
Bottom: 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition commemorative half dollar. Owner reports that this nicely toned coin was inherited from his grandfather and is now certified as MS65 by NGC.

Top: New Mexico 50th anniversary of statehood (1912-1962) medal.
Bottom: California bicentennial (1769-1969) – Portola Expedition relic copper medal.

Top: Relic medal commemorating Admiral Dewey, U.S.S. Olympia and 1898 Battle of Manila Bay.
Bottom: Medal commemorating dedication of Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Allentown, Pa., 1899.

June (virtual show & tell)

Philippines coins produced at the U.S. Mint:
Top: 1903 and 1904 5 and 10 centavos; Bottom: 1904 one and 1/2 centavos.

Top: 1904-S 20 centavos; Bottom: 1905-S 50 centavos.

Top: ULLR National Ski Patrol medal. As reported by the eBay buyer of this medal, “ULLR is the god of hunting in the winter. Some consider him to the be the god of snow. Breckenridge, Colorado has a ULLR festival annually. In the 1930’s it was very common for skiers or mountaineers to carry a medal with the depiction of ULLR for good luck. Similar to a St. Christopher medal when traveling or a St. Bernard medal when in the mountains. ULLR medals were primarily made/used in Germany and Austria, though there are medals from Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Norway. Only a handful were made in the USA/Canada.”
Bottom: Northwest Orient McDonnell Douglas DC-10 medal with unusual upside-down map showing the way to Florida!

September (virtual show & tell)

1861 U.S. 3-cent silver coin, PCGS AU58.
This is a small coin and difficult to photograph!