2020 Meetings and News

The club met three times in Bend (since the Redmond location was no longer available) before the pandemic closure. Online meetings began in late 2020 as noted.

See the 2020 Show & Tell page for more item photos and descriptions.

The club held its first two online meetings on Nov. 24 and Dec. 8, 2020, both via Zoom. Club members were invited by email. Although participation was low, there was some excellent discussion, for about an hour both times. The club was planning to try again in January (2021).

Although the club could not meet in person after March 2020, a few virtual show-and-tell items are available to view for April, May, June and September. (See May and June for the two coins pictured here.)

The March 10, 2020, club meeting in Bend featured a “Coin ‘More or Less’ Price Game,” this time with 20th Century U.S. coins from the January 2020 FUN Convention. We also had an excellent “Show & Tell,” with 10 participants!

The February 11, 2020, club meeting in Bend featured a “Match the Coin with the Price” game with ten pre-20th Century U.S. and Colonial Coins sold at the recent Heritage Auctions at the January 2020 FUN Convention in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to Walter for achieving a perfect score!

The January 14, 2020, club meeting in Bend featured a report on recent and upcoming numismatic events for 2020, including especially the just-completed Florida United Numismatists (FUN) convention in Orlando.