Show & Tell

Show & tell, where club members bring a numismatic item or two to briefly show and talk about at club meetings, is one of the popular features of our local club meetings, as well as at many other coin clubs nationwide.

Some clubs have a specific show & tell topic or theme each month, but currently, all numismatic items are welcome at the BCCOCO.

Several club members typically participate each month and may sometimes receive a ticket for a special show & tell prize drawing, or an extra ticket for the main raffle.

When a suitable camera and lamp are available, show & tell items (and sometimes items such as raffle prizes) may be photographed on request, and may appear on this website. Photos dating back to 2010 were available on the old website, and we’ll make some of them available on this website as well. Older photos and show & tell webpages may be converted to a different archival format such as PDF.

See the drop-down menu under “Show & Tell” for available photos/webpages.

Are you a collector or researcher of numismatic items who would like to talk for more than just a minute or two? Consider giving a main educational program about your collection or topic. It is suggested that such talks be designed to be about 20 minutes in length. A digital projector and screen are available. Ask a club officer or director for more information, or volunteer at a club meeting to be scheduled for a future meeting.