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President's Message (2023)

President's Message by BCCOCO president Eric Holcomb (elected Nov. 2012, Dec. 2013-2015, March 2017, Jan. 2018-2019, Dec. 2019, Apr. 2022 and Mar. 2023)

December 2023 — Happy Holidays!

The December 12th coin club meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Bend location as usual and is our club’s annual Christmas holiday potluck. The procedure is expected to be like last year – Sterling will take care of the ham, along with drinks and supplies, and club members and guests will bring a side dish or dessert to go with the ham.

There will be an auction and a nice raffle prize of a certified Morgan silver dollar (which, as you recall, we purchased a couple months ago).

November 2023 — Greetings!

The coin club's next meeting will be held November 14th at 6:30 p.m. as usual. The meeting will feature Walter presenting his collection of Doubled Die and RPM Roosevelt Dimes. I’ve also been requested to bring my camera again. If any club member is still missing the October newsletter, please let me know.

October 2023 — Greetings!

The coin club’s October meeting was scheduled for the usual time and place. I’ll bring my camera in case you have any items to photograph. (Small items such as individual coins and tokens work best.)

September 2023 — Greetings!

I emailed club members both the July and August coin club newsletters. The August one is new, whereas the July one was resent because some members didn’t receive it previously when I posted it to the cloud. Thanks to new coin club secretary Mathew Garriott for editing these newsletters!

The September meeting was scheduled for September 12. As noted in the newsletter, I'll be talking about George Washington pieces (mostly tokens) from the U.S. Colonial (Early American) period.

August 2023 — Greetings!

We’re pleased to announce that new coin club secretary Mathew G. has completed his first edition of the club newsletter, dated July 2023. I have also added a two-page story about my trip in June to Nevada and Carson City. The newsletter included information about the August 8 potluck dinner.

Unfortunately, there is also some sad news. I was informed today that club member Howard K. passed away on June 22. A memorial service was held on July 8. The news was reported by his wife Leotha. If you would like to write a message, send it to me first and I will assemble the messages and forward to Leotha.

July 2023 — Greetings!

Next Tuesday (July 11) is the club's meeting night again.

The main program will be trip reports – most likely Walter’s trip to ANA Summer Seminar, my recent trip to Nevada including Carson City, and the Early American Coppers show in Portland if anyone in the club attended.

We'll also have the other usual meeting activities including a raffle and auction.

Mat Garriott volunteered to be the club’s new secretary and newsletter editor. I believe he’s starting to work on a newsletter, which I’ll distribute when available.

Paul may also tell us how we did on the National Coin Week club activity, so it could be a busy meeting.

I will not be able to take any coin or medal photos at this meeting, however, I will show prints of some photos from my trip to Nevada.

The summer potluck is tentatively scheduled for August – you do not need to bring any food to the July meeting.

June 2023 — Greetings!

Tuesday (June 13) is the club's meeting night again! I’ll have my camera setup available to photograph coins, tokens, and medals; and we’ll also decide who we would like to vote for (as a club) in the ANA Board of Governors election. We'll have the other usual meeting activities including a raffle and auction.

Hooray! The new roundabout at Wilson and 15th is complete, so it should be easy to get to Suntree Village again.

May 2023 — Greetings!

National Coin Week was April 16-22, the 100th annual event, but we still have time to submit our responses to the 15-question Club Trivia Challenge. Paul has been working on this, and hopefully we will coordinate our club's responses at the May meeting. There will also be a brief report on the PNNA Convention held April 14-16 in Tukwila, Wash.

One spiral-bound 2024 Red Book remains available. We'll have the other usual meeting activities including a raffle and auction.

April 2023 — Greetings!

The meeting was held on April 11, but the 15-question Club Trivia Challenge for National Coin Week was postponed until May. (The responses are not due to the ANA until late May.) Red Books ordered in April were distributed, with one book remaining for sale.

March 2023 — Greetings!

The March meeting has been postponed one week, until Tuesday, March 21, due to snow in the forecast on the originally scheduled date.

The meeting will be very busy. Activities include Phoenix ANA report, National Coin Week, club elections, photography of member items, 2024 Red Book orders, raffle/auction, and possibly a guest with items for sale. Sterling won't be there, but there will be a substitute. See you soon! - Eric

National Coin Week is April 16-22, the 100th annual event. If you would like to try the 15-question Club Trivia Challenge, let me know and I will forward the PDF file to you. We will coordinate our club's responses at the meeting (or more likely at the April meeting since responses aren't due until May).

February 2023 — Greetings!

The second coin club meeting of the year was scheduled for Tuesday, February 14, at the usual time (6:30 p.m.) at the Suntree Village community room. Unfortunatrely Eric was unable to attend, and his program on photography of member items has been postponed until March.

January 2023 — Happy New Year!

The first coin club meeting of the year is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10, at the usual time (6:30 p.m.) at the Suntree Village community room.

I'm planning a short presentation of some U.S. colonial coin and token photos which I haven't shown in a while. There will also be the usual "show-and-tell" along with a raffle and auction. If our treasurer doesn't come up with any new items, then I have a few more silver dollars from a local family, along with a handful of other left-over items for the raffle.

We also need to elect club officers for this year. Let me know if you are interested in running, if you're not already on the board. (The election is currently delayed due to low attendance in January.)