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BCCOCO is a non-profit organization.
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Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon Bylaws

CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS Of the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon

Organized: Adopted 19 November 2009

See the PDF file version of this document.


Article I – CLUB NAME This organization shall be known as the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon.

Article II – MEETINGS Regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the 3rd Thursday of every month or at such other time and place as the Board of Directors may designate. The organization shall be non-profit as regulated by the State of Oregon.

Article III – CLUB PURPOSE The purpose of this organization shall be to study and support the hobby of numismatics; to promote numismatic-related educational activities; to disseminate numismatic knowledge through regular meetings.

Article IV – MEMBERSHIP All members shall be entitled to the privileges of the Club. A candidate for membership shall make application in writing on the prescribed form. Such application shall state the name of the applicant, address, telephone, date of birth, occupation. As each new member is enrolled, they will be assigned a number and given membership.

Article V – FEES AND DUES Annual Dues shall be Ten Dollars ($10) for members eighteen years and over (Regular Membership with voting rights) and Five Dollars ($5) for junior members under eighteen (Junior Membership non-voting rights).

Article VI – OFFICERS The officers of this club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director-at-Large. One Board member may be allowed to hold two officer positions concurrently (except president and vice president). In such case, the person holding two positions shall be entitled to only one vote on the Board, and an additional voting Director-at-Large will be elected.

Article VII – CLUB OPERATION All operations of the club shall be governed by the bylaws.

Article VIII – CLUB DISSOLUTION Upon dissolution of the club, disposition of assets shall be made by the Board of Directors, subject to the restrictions herein set forth. The Board of Directors, upon dissolution or liquidation of the club, must distribute the assets of the club to one or more national, regional, state, or local numismatic associations or public libraries, archives, or museums.


Article 1 – Officers And Board of Directors President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director-at-Large. The officers constitute the Board of Directors. The Board is the governing body of the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon. Three “aye” votes by members of the Board constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All Officers are elected for a term of one (1) year and must be members in good standing. Any officer missing three consecutive meetings without due cause or who fails to fulfill his duties shall be asked to resign his office by the Board of Directors. A retiring President shall automatically become a Board member for a term of one year. Officers on the Board may succeed themselves in the same office in the event no new candidate is nominated or elected to the office. The Board of Directors shall have full power and authority to act on all affairs of the Club; to elect members to fill vacancies in any elective office, to rule on admission to membership of all applicants, approve all items of expenditures, transact all club business not referred to the full membership or assigned to a specific member of the Board. Additional positions, not serving on the Board of Directors, are the Club Historian, Journalist, Webmaster and Auctioneer. Other positions may be added as the Board of Directors see fit.

Article 2 – Duties and Responsibilities

Section 1 – Officers

President: is a member of the Board. He/she provides visionary leadership and shall preside at all meetings of the members and officers, decide all points of order, cast the vote in case of a tie vote, perform all duties incidental to that office, shall appoint or remove chairmen of all committees, may call special meetings as needed, and, in case of vacancy in any office, shall have the authority to appoint a successor to fill the un-expired term. The President shall hold Executive Board meetings and have check-signing privileges in order to provide a back-up for the Treasurer if the need arises. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. He/she may require an audit annually or as often as necessary. In the event that the President cannot complete his/her term of office, the Board shall recommend a replacement to the club membership. A majority vote of membership at a regular club meeting members shall elect a replacement.

Vice President: is a member of the Board. He/she performs all administrative duties not performed by the Secretary or Treasurer. The Vice President shall maintain a master club notebook of minutes, show information, bylaws, and other club records. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President shall perform any such other duties as may be assigned.

Secretary: is a member of the Board. He/she shall attend all meetings and keep a true and accurate set of minutes and records of the proceedings, mail any and all official notices to the membership, and handle all correspondence of the club.

Treasurer: is a member of the Board. He/she shall receive all dues, fees, and receipts of the club and shall bank the same and render a proper accounting when requested at Board meetings and shall make a complete report at the regular monthly club meeting. The Treasurer may be authorized to withdraw funds from the bank account and to pay bills and obligations of the club jointly with the President or such other person as designated by the Board.

Section 2 – Additional leadership roles, but not elected positions

Director of Education: Chairs the Education Committee responsible for securing speakers, working with youth, and coordinating training opportunities.

Director of Membership: Chairs the Membership Committee responsible for maintaining an accurate roster of the membership, assigning membership numbers and issuing appropriate membership cards. He/she is also responsible for promoting club membership and looking for new avenues to recruit members.

Director of Operations: Chairs the Operations Committee that oversees the coordination of any coin shows and coordinates public auctions held in conjunction with the shows, and oversees other show arrangements such as for speakers, general youth participation, Boy Scout Merit Badge Certification, or special displays. He/she could oversee any other club activities as needed, such as the organization and registration of bus trips, Christmas party, and other club events.

Club Historian: responsible for maintaining an accurate record of the club’s history.

Journalist: responsible for publishing a quarterly newsletter that highlights club activities and promotes the study of numismatics.

Webmaster: responsible for maintaining accurate and timely club information on the club’s web site.

Auctioneer: responsible for running the monthly club auctions in a professional manner.

Article 3 – Meetings

Regular club meetings shall be held each month on a date set by a vote of the membership. Any change to the meeting location must first be approved by the Board of Directors and a written notification of this change must be mailed to all club members after holding a vote on the change at a regular club meeting. All business, except elections and new members, may be conducted at business meetings as necessary, or 30 minutes prior to membership meetings, open to all members. In the event of any urgent business, telephonic or email approval by five Board members is necessary to act.

Article 4 – ANA and PNNA Club Memberships The Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon shall hold membership in the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA). A delegate and an alternate shall be appointed by the President to attend any such meetings of these organizations as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. This delegate shall have full authorization to vote on behalf of the Bend Coin Club of Central Oregon membership should the need arise. The delegate shall give a report at the next regular club meeting.

Article 5 – Amendments This CONSTITUTION or these BY-LAWS may be altered or amended when submitted in writing and read at any regular meeting and voted on at the next regular meeting after notifying all members. A majority vote shall amend.

Article 6 – Rules of Order The club shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order if the bylaws do not specifically cover the subject. This Constitution and By-Laws, adopted by the Board of Directors on November 19, 2009.

BCCOCO Auction Regulations (proposed)

  1. An auction table is provided and established by the Club. The auctioneer checks the items to be auctioned.

  2. Items for auction may be placed on the table anytime prior to beginning the auction.

  3. The auctioneer will note if discrepancies arise regarding any lot. His or her opinion will be final. If the auctioneer and the party submitting the item can’t agree on the condition or attribution of the item, it may be removed from the auction by either party or placed on the bidding table with the auctioneer decreeing the discrepancy.

  4. Auction fees will be as determined by the Board and announced to club members.

  5. Items placed on auction must comply with the following conditions.

    1. Only members are eligible to offer auction material.

    2. The number of lots may be limited at the discretion of the auctioneer.

    3. Items, other than books or the like, must be housed in a holder, container or folder

    4. Auction slips must contain the name of seller, membership number, description of item, grade or condition and amount of minimum bid if any.

    5. It is the seller’s responsibility to insure all information is placed on the slips.

  6. Bidding conditions.

    1. Minimum bid means there is a price, set by the seller, below which the item can’t be sold.

    2. Passed lot means there were no acceptable bids on the item.

  7. The buyer is responsible for checking auction items. When the auctioneer closes the bidding and declares the item sold, it is just that—the item then belongs to the buyer, who must honor his or her bid. The auction is merely an instrument to serve both parties, and the Club has no responsibility in the transaction.

  8. Each lot should have a minimum value of $5.00, unless otherwise announced.