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BCCOCO Exhibits: June 2010 meeting

Sample display items from the June 2010 BCCOCO regular meeting:
(Click on small images for a larger version. Photos have been reduced in quality and resolution for the website.)

Left: 1796 Spanish Milled Dollar, or "Piece of Eight" (8 reales).
Center: 1832 U.S. silver half dime.
Right: 1851 U.S. half cent.

Left: 1876 U.S. quarter dollar.
Center: 1912-D U.S. Barber half dollar.
Right: 1940 French medal honoring sons of Nice killed in battle.

Left: 1968-D Roosevelt dime with possible variety (low date, touching rim).
Center: 1979-D Roosevelt dime struck slightly off-center.
Right: 1968 Apollo 8 mission NASA commemorative medal.

Left: Belt buckle made from Eisenhower dollar and Buffalo nickels.
Left Center: Belt buckle with soaring eagle theme and embedded jewel.
Right: 2010 U.S. quarters (first of park series) silver proof set.